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Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

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Q: Which is the planet in your solar system with the highest mass?
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What planet contains the majority of the mass in the solar system?

The majority of the mass in the solar system is contained in the sun, which is a star, not a planet. The Majority of the mass in the solar system outside of the sun is contained in the planet Jupiter.

Is the mass of the solar system concentrated in the sun or in the planet?

The sun holds 99.9% of the solar system's mass

What planet has the most mass in the solar system?

Jupiter has the most mass.

Is the sun the biggest planet in solar system?

The sun is not a planet; it's a star. However, I think I heard once that the mass of the sun is about 98% of the mass of the solar system.

What is lagest planet in solar system?

In our solar system, the planet Jupiter is the largest - at over 1,300 times the volume of Earth (and over 300 times the mass).

What planet exerts the greatest gravatational pull?

Jupiter, being that largest planet with the highest mass, has the largest gravitational pull of any planet in our solar system. However the planet with the largest gravitational pull known to man outside our solar system is HAT-P-2b in the Hercules constellation, it is 1.8 the size of Jupiter and 8.2 the mass of Jupiter.

What planet has the largest mass?

In our solar system, Jupiter has the most mass out of all the planets.

Which planet has the largest in mass and size?

Jupiter is the largest planet in out solar system and the most massive.

Does earths mass determine its location in the solar system?

No. A planet's mass does not determine the position of its orbit.

What makes the planet mercury unique?

The orbit of Mercury has the highest eccentricity of all the Solar System planets, and it has the smallest axial tilt. Other than that, it is an unremarkable small and dense world with almost no atmosphere.

What planet in the solar system is least massive planet?

The planet with the least mass and smallest is Mercury. The planet with the lowest density is Saturn

Which is the heaviest planet in your solar system?

Jupiter, with a mass 318 times that of the Earth.