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Jupiter has 16 main moons and many small ones.

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Q: Which planet have highest numbers of moon?
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Which planet as highest number of moon?


What planet can you jump the highest off of?

We have only been to the moon... So i would say the moon.

Which planet is more of a binary planetary system?

The moon and the planet it orbits that have the highest ratio of their masses are Earth's moon and Earth. The earth is only about 81 times as massive as its moon. In the #2 planet/moon mass ratio among the eight planets, Saturn is 4226 times as massive at Titan.

Where is Europa in the solar system?

Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.Europa is a moon of the planet Jupiter.

What planet is closer to the moon?

Earth is the closest planet the moon, as it is our planet's moon and orbits Earth.

Is the moon an outer planet or inner planet?

The moon is a satellite not a planet.

How did Jupiter get there?

Jupiter is like the 5th planet in the solar system. It has a ring and I believe 63 moon,the highest number of moons any planet has! I hope that help ;p

Is a moon larger than a planet?

No. The moon orbits the planet which means the planet is larger than the moon.

Is there a moon that doesn't orbit a planet?

A moon must orbit a planet, or it isn't a moon, it's a planet.

Why is a moon not a planet?

A planet orbits a star such as the sun. A moon orbits a planet.

Is the moon the first planet in world?

THE MOON ISN'T A PLANET IT'S A MOON The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury.

What planet doesn't have a moon?

Venus is the only planet that does not have a moon.