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It is the earth that is in orbit one astronomical unit (AU) from the sun. That's where the AU came from. One AU is the mean distance from the sun to the earth. A link can be found below.

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Q: Which planet in the solar system is one astronomical unit from the sun?
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How and when do scientists use astronomical unit?

This unit is mainly used for distances within the Solar System.

What is used to find a planet's distance from the sun?

When exploring space, astronomers use astronomical units, (AU) to measure the distance from one object to another. Since every distance from one object in our solar system to another object in our solar system, the distance of a planet from the sun would be measured in astronomical units

What is the basic unit of distance within the solar system?

AU - Astronomical Unit, but miles and kilometers are used for distances

What planet is on one astronomical unit from the sun?

Planet Earth.One astronomical unit is roughly the distance between planet Earth and the Sun.

Which planet is one astonomical unit from the sun?

Earth. An Astronomical Unit is a unit of distance measure defined as the mean (average) distance between the Earth and the Sun; thus, the earth orbits the sun at a distance of 1 Astronomical Unit. The Astronomical Unit was invented to make it easier to think of astronomical distances within the Solar System ... it is easier to get a feel for how close the planets and other bodies in the solar system are close to the sun in terms of Astronomical Units (AUs) than millions of kilometers: Mercury at 0.4 AU versus 50 million kilometers, Venus at 0.7 AU versus 108 million kilometers, etc.

Where is the solar system located in earth?

Earth is the third planet from our sun in the Solar System after Mercury and Venus. Following Earth is the Asteroid Belt, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Planet that is one astronomical unit?

Earth is one astronomical unit away from the sun.

Is it true a light year is a unit of time?

Yes, indeed it is. An astronomical unit is 8.3 light minutes. So light years are indeed a unit of time used in space, but not in our solar system, because our solar system is not big enough to use light hours. An astronomical unit, by the way, is the distance from the sun to Earth.

Which planet is one astronomical unit from the sun?

Earth. An astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

What is the measurement term used from the earth to the sun?

Astronomical Unit- The distance between objects in the solar system!

Light Year and when do use an Astronomical Unit?

Use "Astronomical UNit" or AU when discussing distances within the solar system. Use "light year" when talking about the distances between stars.

What does 1 astronomical unit mean?

It means the average distance from Sun to Earth. It is often used as a unit of distance, within the Solar System.