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The planets that have less mass than Earth are Mercury, Mars and Venus.

The planets that have a lower average density than Earth are all of them; Earth is the most dense planet in our solar system.

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Q: Which planets are lighter than earth?
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Are the outer planets lighter than the inner planets?


Is helium lighter than earth?

yes. helium is lighter than earth or even air.

Why are extrasolar planets more massive than earth?

Most of the known extrasolar planets are more massive than Earth because massive planets are easier to detect. We have detected planets smaller than Earth.

Which planets have a year longer than the Earth?

All the planets further away from the sun than Earth is

How many planets are smaller than the earth?

There are three planets in our solar system that are smaller than Earth. These planets are Mars, Venus, and Mercury

How big are planets?

well some planets are bigger than the earth but from the inside earth is of course bigger than all of the other planets

Are you on the moon heaver of lighter than on the moon?

An object is lighter on the moon because the moon is smaller and thus lighter than the Earth

Are the planets nearer to the earth than the stars?

Yes, the planets are millions or billions (depending on the star) of miles closer to the earth than than the stars. The closest star to Earth, however, the Sun, is closer than some of the planets.

How many planets are nearer to the sun than the earth is?

There are 2 planets closer to the Sun from the Earth

Is a dwarf planet is larger than the earth?

no dwarf planets are smaller the Earth and the other planets.

How many planets in your solar system are bigger than Earth?

There are four planets bigger than Earth,those planets are Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,& Neptune.

Which planets larger than earth has a moon?

All of the planets larger than Earth have several moons.Mercury and Venus are the only planets for which no satelliteshave been discovered.

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