Which two planets spin clockwise

Updated: 8/10/2023
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venus and uranus. venus spin very slow and is possibly explained by a collision in the early formation of our solar system. uranis however is up for grabs. its tillted 98 degrees and is basicaly on its side. research it. very interesting. cheers!

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Venus and Uranus are the two planets in our solar system that spin counter clock wise.

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Venus & uranus

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Q: Which two planets spin clockwise
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Do planets rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?

They spin clockwise

Which one of the planets spin clockwise around its own axis?


Type of rotation of planets or moon that has a counter clockwise spin?


Does Saturn spin clockwise or counter clockwise?

Jupiter spins counter clockwise. To be exact, it spins counterclockwise when viewed from above the north pole. That's the same direction of spin as most of the planets, including Earth.

What direction does Venus spin on its axis?

Venus rotates clockwise, when viewed from above the Earth's North Pole.

Venus and Uranus spin in what direction of the other planets?

Venus Uranus Pluto all spin backwards (clockwise) Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune all spin forwards (counter-clockwise)

Which planets do not rotate counter-clockwise?

Venus and Uranus are the only planets that do not rotate counter-clockwise.

Does mercury spin counter clockwise or clockwise?

Yes. All of the major planets except Venus rotate (spin) counterclockwise, west to east.

What word means to orbit in the opposite direction to the norm for planets?

The normal orbit of planets and moons is in the same direction as the spin of the parent body. The particular norm in our solar system is counter-clockwise. Planets or moons that orbit in the reverse direction (clockwise) are termed retrograde. Confusingly, the same term (retrograde rotation) is used to mean clockwise spin or rotation.

Does Venus spin from west to east on its axis?

NO, it doesn't. it spins from east to west.It spins in the opposite direction. Most planets (and other bodies) in this galaxy spin clockwise. Venus spins counter-clockwise.

What do Venus and Uranus do that no other planets do?

They spin "upside-down" instead of how the others planets do.

Venus' is known for it?

Venus spins clockwise, while all the other planets spin counter-clock ways.