Why can you see the planets at night?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Why can you see the planets at night?
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Why can you see planets and stars on a night?

The reason you can see planets and stars at night is that their light is faint and the brightness of the sun obscures them during the day. At night, when the sun is not visible, the fainter light from the planets and stars can more readily be seen.

Why can't you see some planets at night?

because soem planets are to far away and our eyes cant see that far

When are you able to see Mars?

We can see mars and other planets at night as it is very dark.

How are stars moon and planets alike?

You can see all of them in the sky at night.

Why is it possible for us to see the planets?

Sunlight hitting the planets' surface reflex back to earth. Just like you can see the moon shine at night

Why can you see the planets and your moon in the night sky?

Because the sun shines on them and illuminates them, exactly the way you shine a flashlight on a rock in order to see it at night.

What planets might you see high overhead at night from Jupiter?

Jupiter's many moons

Why onions start growing in vegetable box?

why astronomers can see stars and planets at night

Why do you see planets in the night sky?

Every time they are there .We can see a body if light falls on it or it emits lights.So planets are seen at night, but at day time their intensity of light become very less than the Sun ,so they disappears.However when the moon eclipse the sun totally we can see them.

If planets do not produce their own light how are we able to see mars and venus in the night?

The Sun reflects light from the surfaces of the planets and that way we are able to see them from Earth, hence why the further away the planets are, the more difficult it is to see them. Not impossible, but difficult.

Why you can see other planets and the moon?

You can see the other planets and the moon (at night), because like the Earth, they all reflect light from the Sun.

Why do the planets change position at night?

Day and night, the planets constantly orbit the sun. This makes the planetary positions appear to change each night with respect to the background stars from the perspective of earth. So the positions do not change only at night, it is just at night we can see the positions have changed a little bit more.