Why do planets move around?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well I am not a scientist (at all) but hopefully this can help.

Objects are attracted to other objects. now this is much more complex than that but I neither have the technical knowledge or time to truly explain all that. So because particles are attracted to each other the more mass an object has the more it pulls or attracts other objects, we call this force gravity. Objects such as planets that are orbiting other things (typically stars due to their massive size) are in a place where the force of gravity is not allowing them to escape but not entirely pulling them in.

I hope I answered the question.

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Q: Why do planets move around?
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Do inner planets move?

Yes. All planets move in orbit around their host star.

What do the planets move around?

they orbit the sun

What is the move around the sun?

That would be the planets around the sun.

How do the planets move in the solar system?

The sun's gravity pulls the planets around it.

Do the planet's move around the sun?

The planets move in an act of gravity

Do all planets move around the sun or around the earth?

The planets that make part of the solar system move around the Sun. The huge gravity power of the Sun maintain all planets and moons orbiting around it on an elliptical form.

The heavenly bodies that move around the planets are called?

Satellite are the heavenly bodies which move around the planets and mine werid account answered by: Nishantak Panigrahi

What do the planets and the sun orbit?

the sun does not move, the planets orbit around the sun idiot.

Planets move around the sun in orbits?


Who discovered that the planets move around the sun?


What is the path that planets move around?

asteroid belt

How does meteors move?

They move around the Sun in ellipses - just like the planets.