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A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow. Earth always has a shadow, which is created by the Sun. On those rare occasions when the Moon, Earth and the Sun are all lined up just right, the Moon passes through this shadow.This would happen every full moon if the Moon orbited around the Earth in the same plane as the Earth orbits around the Sun.

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Q: Why does the shading of the direct light of the sun cause the lunar eclipse?
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How do you Contrast a lunar and solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks the light from the Sun, thus always observed at day. By contract, a lunar eclipse is the earth shading the light from the Sun on the Moon, and is therefore observable only at night when the Moon is visible.

What does an eclipse mean?

An eclipse is when the moon is in direct correlation with the sun and temporarily blocks its light from reaching the earth.

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Will you get blind if you look at a lunar eclipse?

Lunar eclipses are safe to watch, as moon light is reflected light and a lot weaker than the direct light from the sun.

Is it bad to look outside during a lunar eclipse?

It is o.k. to view a lunar eclipse, because unlike a solar eclipse you are not viewing direct sunlight which can be harmful and blinding but rather reflected light. When viewing a lunar eclipse you would see even less light than viewing a full moon which we know is safe.

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