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Mars offers suitable gravity and raw materials for a colony. Mercury and Venus are too hot and the gas giants don't have livable surfaces or gravity. (Some of their moons may.)

The temperature on Mars during the summer is about 20° C to -40°C which suggests a survivable climate. In fact, at one time in the past Mars was much more hospitable to Earth-type life. There is likely a lot of water ice at the poles. And unlike asteroids and moons, there is room for lots of development.

Considering all the above points, one can say that a protective habitat is possible on Mars, but obviously one cannot live on Mars as easily as we do on Earth. The atmosphere is normally too thin to breathe and the pressure so low that blood would boil at body temperatures.

Colonies on the Moon and Mercury would essentially be in a vacuum, although like Mars there is likely a considerable amount of water ice (in deep craters on both bodies). also mars OS way to hot any other time apart from summer so it is a problem.

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Q: Why is Mars the only planet humans can survive on?
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the planet Mars is the only planet that can be visited by humans in the future and besides Venus is slightly closer but it is tremendously more inhospitable. And all the other planets are much farther away.

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One of the characteristics are that it is the only planet that humans can survive on.

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Mars is not a wierd planet only its source.

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Earth. Only earth so far, maybe mars if there was water and enough oxygen

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Venus and Mars are the only other solid bodies in the solar system with atmospheres dense enough to "breathe", but neither contains nearly enough oxygen for a human to survive on.

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Yes, only one planet Mars exists.

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There is no lif on the planet Mars. Only Earth is a life-filled planet. -shomama. :)

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