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Earth is much more massive than asteroids and comets, and thefore has much stronger gravity, which pulls it into a spherical shape. Most asteroids and comets do not have strong enough gravity to do this.

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Q: Why is the earth spherical in shape while most asteroids and comets are not?
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In your solar system what object would be least likely to have spherical shape?

Small objects such as asteroids and comets are the least likely. Gravity cannot shape such small objects into spheres, so many asteroids and comets assume elongated shapes.

Compare and contrast asteroids and comets?

It is in space, they have different shape

Shape of earth geoid or spherical?


Why aren't small asteroids spherical in shape?

The strength of gravity on small asteroids is less than the strength of the rock.

Describe the shape of the earth?

the shape of the earth is not flat. it has a spherical shape. its slightly flattened at the poles to give a nearly spherical shape hence; the earth's shape is better described as a geoid which means the earth's shape

How do planets develop their spherical shape?

Gravity pulls the asteroids into spheres when they get big enough.

What shape are the earth and the sun?


Why is the earth spherical in shape?

it is do with the gravity ...

What is the appearance of an asteroid?

Some asteroids are irregular in shape and heavily pockmarked by impact craters and some of them have spherical shape.

How an eclipse is evidence of the Earth being spherical in shape?

an eclipse is a evidence of the earth being in spherical shape is that it can figure it self...

Why earth is spherical?

The Earth, and larger bodies, are approximately spherical due to gravitation. The Earth's rotation will tend to make it deviate from a spherical shape.

How did Earth develop its spherical shape?

The pull of gravity over a long time pulls it into a spherical shape.

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