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A rocket needs to travel at 7 miles-per-second or about 25,000-miles-per-hour to leave the pull of earth's gravitational force, and reach outer space. This speed is known as escape velocity.

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To be able to escape Earths gravity

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Q: Why must a spacecraft reach escape velocity to be able to go to space?
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How do you travel unto space?

You need a spacecraft that will exceed escape velocity.

Why must spacecraft reach escape velocity to be able to go to space?

a slower speed will not overcome the gravitational pull of the Earth. It would fall back to Earth.

Is capable of NASA space shuttle reach escape velocity from the Earth?


What speed does a rocket have to reach to get into space?

(Escape velocity) at least 7 miles ber second. Close-Orbital velocity is about 5 miles per second.

Is orbital velocity the velocity a rocket must reach to fly off into space?

No.Orbital Velocity is the velocity required by a body to achieve a circular orbit around its primary.Escape velocity is the minimum velocity needed to escape a gravitational field

What must be done to put a rocket into space outside of an orbit of the earth?

It has to reach escape velocity which on Earth is 11.2 Km per second

What is the velocity a rocket needs to reeach to orbit in space called?

Escape velocity.

Why doesn't NASA Launch a Space Probe Perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic?

Because the solar escape velocity from Earth is 41 km/s, and we are barely able to reach those speeds, even with our fastest spacecraft. Parallel to the ecliptic, we can "cheat" by getting gravity assists from other planets.

How many hours does it take from earth to space?

The escape velocity fo spacecraft to reach orbit is approximately 7 miles per second (11.3 km/sec). At that velocity, a rocket would need just 14 seconds to reach space! But the acceleration is necessarily slow, and rockets typically require 15 to 20 minutes to boost their payloads into low earth orbit (typically 80 to 100 miles up), where they coast until insertion into higher orbits.

Why should a spacecraft be space-tight?

Any suddenly opening appearing in the skin of the spacecraft would allow the atmosphere inside the craft to escape out into space - causing decompression.

How do sattalites get up in to space?

escape velocity of satellite is greater

What space exploration happened in 1959 in the Soviet Union?

On January 2, the Soviet Union successfully launches the Luna 1 spacecraft. Luna 1 became the first ever man-made object to reach the "escape velocity" of the earth (the velocity required to break free of the gravitational field). This was also the first spacecraft to successfully reach the vicinity of the moon. On September 14, the Soviet spacecraft Luna 2 crash lands on the surface of the moon. This was the first ever spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon. On October 3, the Soviet spacecraft Luna 3 (commonly known as Lunik 3) is launched, it's goal is to orbit the moon and take pictures of it's back - the side always faced away from the Earth. Lunik 3 was successful and even do the pictures taken were of poor quality they caused large excitement.