Will a pistol work on the Moon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It could. Gunpowder does not require air to burn- it has it's own oxidizer chemically combined. Sights will need adjustment, since bullet will travel faster with no air resistance, and lighter gravity will cause less drop of the bullet.

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Q: Will a pistol work on the Moon?
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Would a pistol work on the moon?

Yes. The ammunition in a pistol does not require outside air in order to fire; it gets all the oxygen it needs from the nitrates in the cartridge, so gunpowder would still work on the moon.

Why pistol star is not solar system's sun or moon?

it is not close enough

Would a 0.45 caliber pistol work on the moon?

Actually it would because one of the ingredients in gun powder is potassium nitrate which is an oxidising agent. This supplies the powder with the oxygen it needs to burn of "deflagrate". Guns can, but shouldn't be fired underwater, so yes you can fire a gun on the moon.

Would 45 caliber pistols work on the moon?

It depends what mechanism they use. An air pistol which uses compressed air would work, but any mechanism which needs ignition (e.g. a traditional firearm where the bullet is propelled by gunpowder) or an external air source would not.

Will Beretta 92f mags work in Taurus pt92af pistol?


Can you shoot a pistol on the moon?

yes, this should help ya out.

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The shade of the earth on the moon is what causes the gibbous moon.

How can you turn your tanfoglio gt380 into a double action pistol?

To turn your tanfoglio gt380 into a double action pistol can take a lot of work. You will have to buy a lot of different parts and a lot of time to make this work.

Will SW ammo work in a 1911?

any 45 cal ammo will work in a 45 cal pistol

Will the yugo tokarev magazine fit and work in a regular toakrev pistol?

Unfortunately, it will not.

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Answer: 1737.10 km (mean radius) Work: Went to Wikipedia, typed in "moon".

Does a match work on the moon?

no. there is no atmosphere on the moon and fire needs oxygen to burn.