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it is a maybe, Stephen Hawkings is one of the smartest people on the planet and warned us about the possibilities that aliens from outer space might harm us ! That is not my answer it is Stephen Hawking's.

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Q: Will the aliens visit us from outer space?
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Is there aliens in Puerto Rico?

There are aliens, people who are not US citizens, in Puerto Rico as there are in most other parts of the United States. There is not evidence for the existence of aliens, beings from outer space, anywhere on earth.

How do you contact aliens in outer space?

There is absolutely no scientific proof of aliens anywhere, let alone contacting us. It seems likely there may be aliens somewhere out there but that is very different than pretending you have actual proof.

When a probe is sent to space do astronauts go inside of them?

The purpose of a probe is to independently visit outer space and sent us the photos and data. No.

Am I an alien?

Absolutely.If life in space to us are "aliens" - then to them, we're the aliens.

Should ET aliens should visit and or live with us?

ET aliens should live with us.

Are there really aliens in the US?

yes there is aliens in usa, they are most seen landing in there UFO at the tops of cliff in nebraska. if you see random green, blue, and red flashing lights in the sky you have just seen aliens.

Is it possible that aliens can live in such a way that we wouldn't realize they are aliens?

If you are talking about illegal aliens... then probably yes because America's government still hasn't take care of all them. if you are talking about the aliens from outer space, then think about this: they may live among us and we just don't kno. they could be your neighbor for all you know. so that's my point. aliens may be in pretty good disguises...

What animal was sent to outer space from the US?

The first animal sent to Outer space was a dog named Laika.

Will aliens ever visit us?

its a maybe we don't no yet by Joel Fraga

How many space missions to outer space by the US of America space program?


What are some accomplishments of the US Space program?

They went into outer space in 1973

Do the Allen UFO talk like us?

Even with all the speculation about aliens and UFOs, there are no records about the existence of space aliens. Sorry.