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Q: With this animal you could likely open up the moon?
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Chat riddle with this animal you could likely open up the moon?


How do you crack open an oyster on harvest moon animal parade?

u cant

Could dogs live on the moon?

Out in the open, w/o suits - no. In an enclosed, controlled environment - sure.

What animal is most likely to have a open circulatory system A lizard B bird C dog D crab?


How do you open up the friendship menu in harvest moon animal parade?

Press c on the nunchuck then press right on the arrow pad on the wii remote.

Why will the moon roof and drivers side window open and close but the other 3 passenger windows will not open or close on my 04 Lexus?

Do they not open at all or do they just not open from those doors, but open from the driver door? If they open from the driver door but not the other doors, there is a window lock that could be engaged. If they just don't open at all, it could be that the motors are bad, or it could have bad wiring. It could be the switches are bad or not hooked up right.

Can a 13 year old open an animal hospital?

No, not officially. You need an education in animal health. However if you are interested in animal care you could apply for a volunteer job at local shelters.

How likely is it that a parachute will not open?


Can you light fire on moon?

Yes and No... Assuming one could travel to the moon on their own merit in the first place, there is no atmosphere and therefore no oxygen on the moon to help a fire burn in the open lunar environment. A fire could however be lit in an enclosed space on the moon (such as the spacecraft you got there in), but that's highly not recommended (if you wanted to return to earth that is).

Could you pee on the moon?

Nothing to stop you. But you couldn't do it out in the open, you would have to be inside a vehicle or your suit to prevent you from freezing things off.

What is the most likely reason that a long beak could be an adaptation for a bird living in a temperature forest?

The beak could assist the bird with cracking open nuts,or attacking competitors.

When did the Georgia aquarium's animal health facility open?

when did the Georgia aquarium animal health facility open