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Q: You are the greek god of the heavens the Romans call you Saturn what planet am you?
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Am the Greek god of the heavens what planet am i?

You are Saturn. You are Cronus the father of Zeus, Poseidon,Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.

Which planet is named after the god of the heavens?

In Greek mythology, the god of the heavens is Ouranos, like our planet Uranus.

Who is the roman ruler of the heavens?

The Romans considered Jupiter the ruler of te heavens. Jupiter was the Romans name for the Greek god Zeus.

Who name saturn?

The Romans were the first to give names to the brightest starts they saw in the sky. The name for the planet Saturn was taken from the god of the harvest by the name of Saturnus.

Why is cronus the greek god of Saturn?

Cronus is not the greek god of Saturn, Saturn is his Roman name. As for why the Romans named him Saturn, I don't know.

What does the Saturn planet mean?

Saturn is named after the Greek god of agriculture.

Who is the Roman and greek god of fertility?

I believe it is Kronos for Greek and Saturn for Romans.

Is there another name for the planet Saturn?

No, Saturn was named after the Greek God Saturnus

Who is the Greek god of heaven the Romans call you Saturn?

Zeus is.

Who named Saturn and why?

The romans named it, it was named after the roman god of agriculture.

Where the name of planet Saturn derived?

from a greek or roman god

Who is the greek gods of the heavensthe roman call you Saturn?

Cronus is the Greek equivalent to Saturn: Uranus is the Greek god of the heavens. The original personification of the Heavens was Ouranos (Uranus). He was supplanted and castrated by his son, Kronos (Cronus), who was king of the Titans, who also took over as the personification and god of the Heavens. When Kronos was overthrown, Zeus took for himself the loftiest throne, that of god of the Heavens. To the Greeks, the heavens were all those things that were in the sky and above. Today we simplify the concept and simply say that they were gods of the sky.