Another name for a awesome person?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Awesome is defined as being inspiring awe, SLANG for very impressive.

It is a positive statement. Other words would be; Great, excellent, exceptional, extraordinary, magnificent, outstanding, preeminent, or remarkable.

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JR means awesome!!

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Q: Another name for a awesome person?
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Is lincolin awesome?

Lincoln is the name of a U.S. President. It was also the name of a movie based on the man. Whether he or the movie is awesome is a matter of opinion from person to person.

What does the name Lafayette stand for?

awesome person or king

What is a awesome person?

A awesome person is nice, thoughtful, and awesome.

What is a awesome person's name?

Ruby Lou, Matt, Rusty, and Gabby

What does the name gursimran mean?

The awesome, smart, and the cutest person ever

What does raylynn careifelle?

a very awesome person its common to be a girls name and its a very pretty person and the person is very strong

Were does the name Jamie come from?

anyone with the name jamie is ... 1. an awesome rugby player. 2. has awesome hair 3. is mates with a kid called Jacob or any person with a name that starts with J.

What does the name McKinnley mean?

It means an awesome person also mean earring lover!! :)

What does the name Alfonso mean?

alfonsos an awesome person and has lots of fun evry day

Who is blonde in the Mohegan Sun Super freak Commercial?

Her name is Kristal and she is an awesome person!!!

What does the name Kaity means?

it means that you are the most awesome person in the world. it's way better then the name kaitlyn.

What is Person with the same name as another called?

When a person is namedafter another or has the same name as another person we call him/her namesake. The origin is probably the idea of "a person named for the sake of another".