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Q: Are special features facts about something or someone?
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What were the special features of mission San Jose?

it is The Art I Facts

What are the special features of golden temple?

the facts about the golden temple is that it is located in india and it is a holy place for the sikhism

What are facts about special products?

It's always your ending material. Something that you mix together or make and the results you get after is your substance.

Penguins body parts and special features about it?

The penguin's special features are; * Black and white body * Blubber * Gland that rubs oil on wings * Shaped like torpedo The penguin special facts are; * Can't fly * Bounces, no jump * Body temperture-100oF * Swims up to 15 mph

Facts greek tragedy?

There is a tragedy, someone might die or something bad happens...............

What is informational paragraph?

it is a paragraph about something or someone.. like it can be facts about cats.. Meaning you will say facts about the cats and stuff,, must ALWAYS be true :] thanks

What is information about someone or something called?

Information about someone or something is often referred to as data. Data can encompass a wide range of facts, details, or statistics that provide knowledge and insight into a particular subject.

What is the relationship between facts inferences and a theory?

An inference is the process where new facts are derived from known facts Fact is a known truth Theory is a something that someone has predicted. BTW, are you in Lisgar Collegiate Institute?

What are facts that navigate to another place?

Facts that can lead someone to another place include directions, GPS coordinates, historical landmarks, and geographical features like mountains or rivers. These facts provide information that guides a person to a specific location or help them understand a different place better.

What is Structure of explanation text?

a text

What Was Jacques special facts?

he is educated

Are there any special facts or unusual stories about Santa Barbara?

Are there any special facts or unusual stories about mission Santa Barbara.