Did Sparta or Athens like visitors?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Athens, Sparta was a war infested land. Bred only with the pure Sparta blood.

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yes until betray

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Q: Did Sparta or Athens like visitors?
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What enemies did Athens and Sparta have?

Athens was enemies with Sparta and Sparta was enemies with Athens

Who had a army centered life Athens or Sparta?

Sparta full-time. Athens part-time.

Did the Athens or Sparta have a democracy?

Sparta because they did not have as much freedom as Athens.

How did Sparta differ from Athens?

Sparta was different from Athens because Athens was more artlike and Sparta was tought to be tough ruthless people they were tought to steal kill and make slaves but on the other hand Athens did not go crazy with power like Sparta did they maintained society and they made laws to enforce what you should live like back then

What city is farther north Athens or Sparta?


Is Athens better then Sparta?

In academics, Athens was better. When it came to fighting, Sparta was better.

Did Sparta or Athens have a democracy?

Athens had a democracy; Sparta, an oligarchy.

What was different about Sparta and Athens?

they had different forms of government, Sparta had oligarchy while Athens had democracy. in Athens, you became a man when you turned 18, in Sparta you had to be 30. for money Athens had drachmas and Sparta had obols.

How were the government of Sparta and Athens different?

Athens's finnancial differences from Sparta were that Sparta had alot more gold and Athens had alot more credit.

Wars of the Sparta and Athens?

the only war between Athens & Sparta is the pelioponnesion war where Sparta fought Athens because they thought they were too powerful. in the end Athens surrendered and Sparta then became the most powerful.

Was Xerxes for Athens or Sparta?


Who had an assembly Athens or Sparta?