Hinata or sakura

Updated: 9/27/2023
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obviously sakura- she is the best

oh plz hinata can totally kick sakuras fat so it bloody hell hinata she is the best

and she ican totally beat sakura now sakura is still weak i wouldn't mind both of them infact the are the seeexy!

Sakura says: Oh, please! You're all being immature about this.

Hinata says: Y-Yes...please stop comparing us like this..

Sakura says:We have nothing against each other, so why should you all fight over us?

Hinata says: And b-besides...Sakura-chan becomes a lot stronger in Shippuden..

Sakura: Yeah, and so did Hinata!

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It depends, in fighting i'd say hinata, in looks i'd say sakura XD

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Q: Hinata or sakura
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Who would be better for naruto sakura or Hinata i think it should be sakura i think naruto would get bored with Hinata but Hinata is cool but I like sakura much better?

Sakura all the way. You have a point naruto would get bored with hinata. Hope you like my opinion

Who is the strongest Hinata or sakura?

well to be honest I think sakura is physically stronger but hinata is mentally stronger.

Naruto love who Sakura or Ino or Hinata?


Who does Naruto like better Sakura or Hinata?


What is different between sakura and Hinata in Shippuden?

Sakura has a very bold personalty were as Hinata is shy and tends to stutter

Who awakned Hinata?


Does Naruto love Hinata or does he love Sakura?

He loves Sakura.

Who is sexier hinata or sakura?


Does sakura leave the village?

Who told you she is his girlfriend she don't have any love feelings about him and he don't have love feelings about Hinata and Sakura loves Sasuke and Naruto loves Sakura and Hinata loves Naruto.

Why doesn't Naruto give up Sakura and start liking Hinata?

Sakura is better looking In my opinion, Hinata is sooooooooooo cute!

Who will Naruto merry?

i hope he well merry hinata but...this is how it is hinata loves naruto,naruto loves sakura,and sakura loves sasuke

Does Naruto go with Hinata or Sakura?

No one as of now, but he loves Sakura.