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In olden times they wore wigs because it was a sign of nobility ( now they don`t )I think the robes are just uniform

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Q: How come the judges have to wear wigs and black robes?
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What is the significance of the judicial black robe?

Not all judges wear black robes. Judges technically do not have to wear robes at all. The robe and it's color is traditional and customary only.Some judges now wear dark blue or navy robes. Chief Justice Rhenquist wore black robes with gold stripes, a fashion he took up after playing the role of a judge in a Gilbert and Sullivan performance.Depending on the court or the calendar, a judge may wear no robe at all. In some states magistrates sit without robes.It is a tradition that judges wear black robes only in the United States. Judges in Great Britain wear scarlet robes, as anyone who watches PBS would know. There has been controversy in the last few years in England as to whether some of these traditions (including the wigs for both judges and attorneys) should be maintained.The tradition of wearing black robes dates back to c. 1635, England.

Why do judges wear red white and black robes?

The color scheme of red, white, and black for judges' robes is traditional and symbolizes authority, impartiality, and justice. The colors also provide a sense of formality and seriousness to the courtroom proceedings.

What did judges wear in Ancient Roman times?


What judges wear?

Judges typically wear a formal black robe in the courtroom as a symbol of their authority and impartiality. They may also wear a white collar, depending on the court's tradition or the type of case being heard.

What is a judge's garment?

Judges typically wear (judicial) robes.

Why do lawyer's wear a black coat and doctor's wear white coat?

The black robe signifies 'the law' ... whereas a white robe 'healing' or purity. All judges wear black robes as they are the final word laying down the laws. Some priests and pastors also wear black robes as part of their undergarments, which signify their authority to inform believers of the laws of the church.

Can judges wear their robes outside of the courtroom?

Judges typically wear their robes only while presiding over court proceedings to signify their authority and impartiality. It is not common practice for judges to wear their robes outside of the courtroom, as they may prefer to dress in regular attire when not performing their official duties.

What colour are the robes people wear in the desert?

brown and black

What Cult wear black robes and faces painted white?


What a Buddhist can't wear?

They can really wear anything. Monks usually wear orange,black, of white robes.

What colour robes does a vicar wear at a funeral christian religion?

A vicar typically wears black robes for a funeral service in the Christian religion. These robes are a sign of respect for the deceased and their loved ones.

What did a medieval priest wear?

The normally wore robes which were black / brownin color.