How much does Ngata weigh?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Haloti Ngata weighs about 330 pounds (150 kg)

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NFL player Haloti Ngata weighs 340 pounds.

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Q: How much does Ngata weigh?
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What is the birth name of Haloti Ngata?

Haloti Ngata's birth name is Etuini Haloti Ngata.

When did Paratene Ngata die?

Paratene Ngata died in 1924.

When was Paratene Ngata born?

Paratene Ngata was born in 1849.

How tall is Haloti Ngata?

Haloti Ngata is 6' 4".

Who are apirana ngatas parents?

Arihia Kane Ngata and Paratene Ngata:)

What position does Haloti Ngata play?

Haloti Ngata plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

When was Ngata Prosser Pitcaithly born?

Ngata Prosser Pitcaithly was born in 1906.

When did Ngata Prosser Pitcaithly die?

Ngata Prosser Pitcaithly died in 1991.

When was Haloti Ngata born?

Haloti Ngata was born on 1984-01-21.

When was Heremaia Ngata born?

Heremaia Ngata was born on 1971-08-24.

When did Arihia Kane Ngata die?

Arihia Kane Ngata died in 1929.

When was Arihia Kane Ngata born?

Arihia Kane Ngata was born in 1879.