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Q: How would you describe character of Buddy's friend?
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What three character traits would your friend use to describe you?

WikiAnswers does not know how your friends would describe you. You're the only one who can do this assignment.

How would you describe the character of buddy's friend in a Christmas memory?

i would describe her as a 60 something year old child.

How would you describe the attributes of a polygon?

describe the character;information of polygons

Example essay for describe your best friend?

An essay to describe your best friend would include the best traits of the best friend. The essay would also describe why you feel those traits are beneficial to your friendship.

What are Words to describe a girl's character that begin with o?

Obscene would describe someone's character. It begins with the letter o.

How would describe wiglafs character trait?

I would describe Wiglaf as a brave, young, noble warrior.

How would you describe Wiglaf character traits?

I would describe Wiglaf as a brave, young, noble warrior.

If you had to describe your character in 5 words what would those words be Ophelia?

HiMy name is Robyn and i would describe my character beautiful, crazy,happy,weird and very hyperactiveNow that would be my 5 words to describe my characterFrom Robyn

How would you describe Henry ford's character?


How would you describe yourself attitude and character?


How would your friend or colleagues describes you?

How would your friends/colleagues describe you? ANSWER

How would describe Molly's character in private peaceful?

She is kind