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Q: Is johnnie paxson still going to be a Ralph Lauren male model?
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Where can one purchase a Ralph Lauren pop shirt in blue?

One can purchase a Ralph Lauren shirt in blue from a variety of places. One can make the purchase one by going to a Ralph Lauren store or making the purchase online on their website.

Where can one purchase Ralph Lauren fragrances?

One can purchase Ralph Lauren fragrances at many fine department stores such as Dilliard's and Macy's. Going to your local shopping mall is a great place to start looking.

Where can one purchase Ralph Lauren leather jackets for men?

Ralph Lauren jackets are not bargain basement items. This will require going to higher class places like Macy's or Niemann Marcus. Of course, used items can probably be found on eBay.

Did Ralph Lauren ever make a cologne called resurrection?

No he has never actually made that cologne but there was a rumor going around about it. Some people made it and put Ralph Laurens name on it so it would sell.

Why is Ralph Lauren expensive?

Because of the materials used and the close attenion to detail (they last a long time). The prices keep going up because people will continue to pay it. Ralph Lauren (the man) is very greedy and knows he can get away with it. Stop paying the high prices and they will come down...eventually.

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What is the best Ralp Lauren promo code?

If you're looking for a large discount purchase on Ralph Lauren items, the best bet is going to be double manufacturer and in store coupons. Department stores like Dillards can have % off your entire order coupons, combine those with RL coupons.

Is alder wood expensive?

I have an alder coffee table from Ralph Lauren that was around $2000, so just going by price (although im sure the name added some), I would have to go with yes.

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yes she is going out with someone

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Aubrey hasn't stated that he and Lauren are together.

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