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Q: Name the brave hearts of jodhpur of India who dodged married in 40 years of old?
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What country does the word jodhpur come from?

Jodhpur is a city in western India.

Where is the suncity of India?

It is JODHPUR, Rajasthan

Where in India lowest rain fall?


Where is the largest solar plant located in India?


Where is borunda in India?

borunda is in jodhpur district in rajasthan (india),35 kms from mareta city

What are the places visited by migratory birds in India?

Bharatpur, Sultanpur, Jodhpur

Why jodhpur city in India Rajasthan state is called sun city?

because of in jodhpur city all homes are in pink and in evething there homes sunshined.

What is the all India rank of jodhpur national university among engineering colleges?

JOdhpur National University,,, is the best college in jodhpur . U know college have won 3 times prizes in making cars..... future of this college is bright..

When was Mahipal born?

Mahipal was born on November 11, 1919, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

What does the meaning of jodhpur mean on polo shirts in India?

being polo the game of Royals and kun shivraj singh is one of the great player of Jodhpur and the son of Jodhpur darbar who is in present unfortunately not fit,this is the way to express passion for Polo through this mean.

Why Delhi receives more rainfall than Jodhpur?

because jodhpur has lotitude of 53'25 whereas delhi is in 45"01

When was Mani Kaul born?

Mani Kaul was born on December 25, 1944, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.