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Brad and Michael Hawkins

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Q: What are Jennifer Hawkins brothers names?
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What are Jennifer's brother's names?

Brad and Michael Hawkins

When was Jennifer Hawkins born?

Jennifer Hawkins was born on December 22, 1983.

Who are Jennifer Hawkins' brothers and sisters and how old are they?

I Believe Erica Davis off Sydney Weekender Is Jennifers sister

Is Jennifer Hawkins and tom Hawkins related?

No they are not

Who is Jennifer Hawkins brother?

tom hawkins

In what year was Jennifer Hawkins born?

Jennifer Hawkins is 34 years old (birthdate: December 22, 1983).

Who won the Miss Universe 2004 crown?

The winner of Miss Universe 2004 was Jennifer Hawkins from Australia.

Who is Jennifer's brother?

tom hawkins

What is Jennifer Hawkins favouite coulor?

Jennifer favourite colour is PURPLE

What suburb does Jennifer Hawkins come from?


What is Jennifer Hawkins bra size?


Last name of the winner of Miss Universe 2004?

Hawkins. The winner was Jennifer Hawkins from Australia.