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amino acids are building blocks of proteins.

a total of 18 amino acids has been isolated from the proteins of all major classes of living organisms.

in addition there are >80 amino acids which have been isolated from the single class of plant, animal, micro-organisms.

it is a source of energy

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Q: What are amino acids and how do they relate to athletics?
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How does Amino acids relate to athletics?

i need to get the avswer to my quetion. Amino acids and how they relate to athletics

How do amino acids relate to athletics?

Amino acids are the basic components of protein, which the muscles in turn use for growth and development. Consumed amino acids or protein can only be used to full extent through exercise, which is why they are key factors to athletes.

Relate amino acids polyperptides and proteins?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Several amino acids linked to one another end to end via peptide bonds form a small chain of amino acids that is called a polypeptide. When hundreds of amino acids are linked together to form a complex three dimensional structure, this structure is called a protein.

Proteins are formed of building blocks called?

Amino acids held together by peptide bonds.

Proteins are made up of monomers called?

Proteins are made up of monomers called amino acids.

How many acids are their?

amino acids?? 20 amino acids

What molecule links together to form proteins?

Amino acids

What are protiens digested into?

They are digested into your mom

Do amino acids amino have an amino group?

No,fatty acids don't have an amino group

What are amino acids that cannot be made by metabolism called?

Amino acids that cannot be produced by metabolism and must be obtained from the diet are called essential amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids that the body needs to obtain from food sources.

Are Glucose and fructose amino acids?

No they are not amino acids.

Subunit of Protein?

Amino acids