What are high tops?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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"High Tops" are sneakers that used most frequently in Basketball. Ordinary tennis shoes are cut below the ankles, high top shoes extend above, covering, the ankle and have added support.

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Q: What are high tops?
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Are high tops better then low tops?

Dosent really mater but I like high tops better

How much are girl high tops?

girl high tops are usually 10.00$ to 40.00$

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high tops no question about it but still why are you putting your poor kid in a tuxedo?

Can girls wear high tops?

Yes, girls can wear high tops. It is quite fashionable.

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Yes, you do do up all the laces on converse high tops.

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Well if you mean like ed hardy high tops and pastry high tops they are at journeys or underground station. i don't know if you have those stores where you live but that's where i usually get mine.

Do high top cleats make you run faster than low tops?

high tops encourage with your ankle to be weak get low tops or mid tops youll run faster with those they let you r ankle move

Who invented the high tops?


Where can you get good high tops?

you can get them at journeys

When were high tops invented?


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