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Q: What are some characteristics of a person who has strength?
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What are some characteristics of a person who shows respect and disrespect?

respect and disrespect are some characteristics

What of the meaning of strength?

Strength is power in some person or individual. Strength generally varies from place to place.

What are some characteristics of a person that wants to get into the work of construction?

Some characteristics of a person that want to get into construction are good with hands, knowledgeable of tools, a do it yourself person, hard worker and in need of a job. There are many other characteristics also.

Is strength common?

yes the amount of strength is diffrent but everything has some strength

What are some characteristics of elephant which is similar to human?

obedience, dependability, strength, memory, loyalty, etc.

What are some characteristics of autocracy?

ruled by a few person

What characteristics make a person interesting and unique?

Some characteristics that make a person interesting and unique are the ability to take some risks and curiosity. A good sense of humor and creativity are other characteristics that make someone unique.

What are considered quality characteristics for a person?

Quality characteristics for a person can range greatly. Some great characteristics for a person to have are compassion, integrity, loyalty, self confidence, positive thinking as well as being responsible. These are just a few of what would be considered quality characteristics.

When a person donates blood to someone is there a possibility that the person may take some characteristics of the person?

A blood transfusion is a donation of blood from one person to another. There is NO possibility of a transfer of personal characteristics.

What are leadership characteristics?

Charisima, intelligence, flexibility, altruistism and inner strength. It should be noted that no one person is highly supplied with all five of these things.

How do you make a sentence with characteristics?

He might have been a chihuahua, but he had the characteristics of a much bigger dog.

What are the characteristics of epic heroes?

Bravery, Strength, and Loyalty.