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The spartans were fierce warriors. For them, they had Brawn, not Beauty. When a baby was first born, they would test it by leaving it in the mountains over night. If it lived, then they were worthy of living in Sparta. If they died, it was shown they couldn't handle living in Sparta.

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Q: What are the people from Sparta called?
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In Sparta enslaved people were called what?

Slaves or enslaved people in Sparta were called helots.

What were the people called when they didn't belong in Sparta?


What were middle class people in Sparta called?

It was the women

How did Sparta people live rthe lives?

why do people train in sparta

What did people believe in Sparta?

People in Sparta believed in military strength

Who were the key people involved in the Peloponnesian war?

The Peloponnesian war was Between Athens and Sparta. Sparta was jealous of Athens and hated their idea of democracy. Sparta was strong on land, Athens at sea. But in the end, Sparta won and established an Oligarchy called the 30 tyrants. But 50 years later when Sparta was still weak from fighting Athens, a kingdom to the north called Macedonia, led by Alexander the Great, conquered Sparta.

How did people meet there needs in Sparta?

people meet their needs in Sparta by working.

Are there any famous people from Sparta?

You call people from Sparta Spartans.

Why did the Spartans are named with saprtans?

Spartans were named Spartans because they were from Sparta. Just like how people from Canada are called Canadians, or people from Morocco are called Moroccan.

In Sparta what are slaves called?

the Helots

What was a slave called in Sparta?


What were slaves called in Sparta?