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Q: What are two adjectives that describe William Clark?
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What are two adjectives that describe Lewis and clark expedition?


What are two adjectives are descriptive phrases that describe Lewis and Clark's expedition?

Long journey and exploration

What are two adjectives that describe the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Exploratory and arduous.

What are two adjectives that describe the Louisiana purchase?

There are many adjectives that can describe the Louisiana Purchase. Two adjectives that describe the Louisiana Purchase well are enormous and expensive.

What are the adjectives Two sales people tried to sell us this green bike?

Adjectives describe nouns other word don't describe adjectives. So there are no adjectives being described in the sentence but two, sales and green are adjectives.They describe the people and the bike.

What are two adjectives for afterlife?

Spiritual, and eternal.

What two adjectives that describe a friend?


What is two adjectives that describe Saskatchewan?


What are two adjectives that describe the Rush-Bagot Agreement?

Two adjectives that might describe the Rush-Bagot Agreement of 1817 might be historical and conciliatory.

Could you describe Two adjectives that describe war?

Cold, and brutal.

What two things can an adjective describe?

Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns.

What are some nouns that describe hate?

Nouns do not describe; nouns are persons, places, things, or ideas. Adjectives are words that describe a noun.Adjectives that might describe the noun hate:MaddeningFrustratingdestructiveupsettingvengefulignorant