What best describes an aristocrat?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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a person that is able to vote

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Q: What best describes an aristocrat?
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What best describes an Athenian aristocrat?

a person that is able to vote

Is an aristocrat a patrician?

A patrician was an aristocrat.

What is an aristocratism?

An aristocrat is a member of the aristocracy, nobility, or people of rank within a community.

What is an aristocrat club?

This is an aristocrat club -

When was Nene - aristocrat - born?

Nene - aristocrat - was born in 1546.

When did Nene - aristocrat - die?

Nene - aristocrat - died in 1624.

When was Aristocrat Records created?

Aristocrat Records was created in 1947.

When did Aristocrat Records end?

Aristocrat Records ended in 1950.

That British aristocrat is wearing a?

That British aristocrat is wearing a monocle.

What is a sentence for the word aristocrat?

The Aristocrat ruling class was overthrown in the French Revolution. In America, it was the wealthy corporate businessman who became an aristocrat.

What describes an aristocrat?

A groomed, wealthy person of the upper class. Has more money than most, may have more manners, and is sometimes stereotypically portrayed as snooty and arrogant.

What has the author Right honourable aristocrat written?

Right honourable aristocrat. has written: 'A letter from a right honourable aristocrat, to the Right Honourable William Pitt'