What color are Patrick pants?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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green and purple

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Q: What color are Patrick pants?
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Who is Patrick is SpongeBob square pants?

Patrick is SpongeBob's best friend. He is a starfish.

What colour is Patrick in sponge bob square pants?

Pink god...who askd such a dumb Question!?

What color are Steve's pants in Minecraft?

his pants are PURPLE

What color shirt should you wear with black pants?

Any color if your pants are all black

What was Patrick swayze's favorite color?

patrick swayze's favorite color is black

What color is the confederacy's pants and hat?

There were the color of gray.

What color is connected with St. Patrick and Ireland?

Green is the color of Ireland and, now, Saint Patrick. His original color was blue.

What color pants go with woman's peach shirt?

A tan color or khaki pants look best in my opinion.

What color are pants?

pants are any color you wish them to be.they can be yellow,red,brown,even turquoise if you are a square.enjoy:]

What pants will match the color blue long sleeves?

red pants

What color of pants do Kroger associates wear?

They wear red pants.

What color pants goes best with a tan jacket?

brown pants