What does agressor mean?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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the word means an attack or harmful action, esp unprovoked attack by one country by an other......................... hope dat helped :-)

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Q: What does agressor mean?
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Is Israel the agressor?


What do you call the country which is invading?

The agressor.

What is the Act of giving into an agressor to preserve peace?


What is the attempt to conciliate an agressor nation by making concessions?


Is America an aggressor?

Yes, economically, politically, diplomatically, and militairely USA is an agressor.

What has the author Rosario Fusco written?

Rosario Fusco has written: 'O agressor'

Does the male or the female initiate Domestic Violence?

Can be either, but it is usually the male who is the agressor.

What country was banned from making weapons after world war 2?

Germany, the main agressor in the war.

Will you be charged if they find you to be the agressor on a domestic violence case in which you are not pressing charges on?

In most states yes. But not in all states.

Which group was the agressor in the battle of Shiloh?

The Confederates attacked for first and caught by surprise the Union Army, which was within a hair's breadth of loose the battle.

What did Cavour do to Austria?

Just done this for A - Level History Cavour wanted to get Lombardy and Venetia back from Austrian control for Piedmont although he later claimed it was for the good of Italy... He had gained the support of Napoleon III, but Napoleon said that Austria had to be seen as the agressor. Therfore, Cavour provoked Austria into issuing an ultimatum which made them the agressor... Hope this helps

Can the current bush administration be considered wilsonian?

no because he prefers war other than the ideas of leagues of nations or peace without victory. he is more of an agressor.