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Q: What does it mean when they say a running back is a north-south runner?
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What does -6.1 wind mean in athletics?

This means that the runner/ jumper is running into a head wind of 6.1mph. To explain another way, the runner would not be assisted by the wind but running against it. If it said +6.1 the runner would have an advantage as the wind would be behnid them.

What is swift-running mean?

a swift runner is like a fast runner that can make perfect swerves and turns. for example:a jack rabbit is a swift-runner because it can outrun a starving coyote.

What does ATT mean for a running back?

Attempts (or number of carries)

What does 3DRB mean in football?

3rd Down Running Back

What does fielders choice mean?

The fielder who caught the ball had the option to either get the batter running to first or another runner. Example: With a runner of first the batter hits the ball to the short stop. The short stop choices to throw the ball to second to get the runner out but the batter reaches first base safely.

What does throwing out the runner mean?

Throwing out the runner means that the batter hit the ball and a fielder fielded the ball and got the batter out running to first. It could also mean that the catcher threw the ball to second base when a girl was trying to steal and got her out. The same thing applies to third base.

When you back up and hit the brake the car stops running?

If you back up and hit the brakes and the car stops running, this is likely to mean that the car is not working properly. It is most likely to mean that the fuses are going out.

If you see a road runner what does it mean?

It means you have seen a road runner.

What does ''advance the runner'' mean?

In baseball "advance the runner" is a term used to say get a runner on base to move forward to another base.

what is Blade Runner?

What does it mean to be human .

What does it mean when someone catches their second wind?

When someone catches their "second wind", it usually refers to a runner who has been running for long enough so that their body releases endorphines, otherwise known as "runner's high". These endorphines give the person much more energy than they previously had.

What does base mean in softball?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.