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If they don't make the jury, they are usually sent somewhere off the island to wait for filming to end. But if they do make the jury they stay at a resort near the filming site so they can attend Tribal Council.

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Q: What happens to the contestants after they are voted off survivor?
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Which Survivor contestants were voted off that possessed the hidden immunity idol but didn't play it?

The following Survivor contestants were voted out with an idol in their possession.James ClementOzzy LusthJason SiskaColton Cumbie was medically evacuated with a hidden immunity idol in his possession.

Who got voted off survivor second?

If you are referring to who got voted off second on the first season of Survivor, Survivor: Borneo, it was B.B. Andersen.

Who was voted out third on survivor Tocantins?

Jerry Sims was the third to voted off of Survivor Tocantins.

Who got voted off survivor 4-29-10?

Amanda Kimmel was voted off of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains on that particular airdate.

Who was voted off of survivor on November 8th 2010?

If you mean the episode that aired on November 10th, 2010, Marty Piombo was voted off of Survivor.

Who was voted off survivor Heroes vs Villains after Amanda?

Candice Woodcock was the 13th member of Survivor to be voted off of the Heroes vs. Villains season.

Who was voted off second on Survivor Samoa?


Who got voted off of survivor on 4-9-09?

No Survivor contestant was voted off on April 9th. However, Joe Dowdle was removed due to injury on this episode.

Who got voted off episode eleven of survivor?


Who got voted off Survivor on October 31st 2012?

RC was voted off the island on October 31st, 2012.

Who got KICKED off not voted off of Survivor Samoa?

The contestants of Survivor Samoa were voted out in the following order: Marisa Calihan (Survivor: Samoa) Mike Borassi (Survivor: Samoa) Betsy Bolan (Survivor: Samoa) Ben Browning (Survivor: Samoa) Yasmin Giles (Survivor: Samoa) Ashley Trainer (Survivor: Samoa) Russell Swan (Survivor: Samoa) Liz Kim (Survivor: Samoa) Erik Cardona (Survivor: Samoa) Kelly Sharbaugh (Survivor: Samoa) Laura Morett (Survivor: Samoa) John Fincher (Survivor: Samoa) Dave Ball (Survivor: Samoa) Monica Padilla (Survivor: Samoa) Shambo Waters (Survivor: Samoa) Jaison Robinson (Survivor: Samoa) Brett Clouser (Survivor: Samoa) Mick Trimming (Survivor: Samoa) Russell Hantz (Survivor: Samoa) Runner Up Natalie White (Survivor: Samoa) Sole Survivor

Who was voted off survivor Nicaragua episode 5?

I believe Tyrone