What has happened to Chris Rice?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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I'd love to know. I've been asking this question for two years now. His last entry on his website was, what? three years ago? Nothing since. Here's what I speculate:

Chris Rice is able to live comfortably on the royalty checks he gets from the body of work he has already done. He need not work again and has chosen not to--except for opening the mailbox and going to the bank.

Why? He's gotten older and knows middle age will make him unmarketable. He want's to go out on a high, "leaving 'em wanting more". He pines for a quiet, private life. He's no longer is willing to tolerate the fishbowl scrutiny his fame bought him. Why?

It forced him to live a life that wasn't his. Having to keep up the squeaky clean image that comes with being a red state, Christian singer, concert dates, interviews, always in the public eye--he could not be himself. He chose to be true to himself and perhaps he has found a loving partner to whom he could express his deepest self. He is content to to live out the rest of his days in seclusion with a very small circle friends . Why?

Because he can now and because I imagine he is gay. That is the oil and water that could never mix while he was performing. That was the career-ending scandal always threatening to be exposed. He made a preemptive strike. I'd like to think he finally had a chance at a real, long-term relationship and he abdicated--for love.

I hope he is gloriously happy and I'm grateful for the musical gems he has left behind.

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Q: What has happened to Chris Rice?
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