What isMichael Jordan salary?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Micheal Jordan's Salary was about 3.25 million per year. Even if now he earns about 40 million...

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1.56 million

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Q: What isMichael Jordan salary?
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When ismichael Jackson this is it coming out on DVD?

Sometime in 2010, no one knows what date it is.

What is Jordan's salary?

200.25 for every point he scored

What is the average salary for a doctor in Jordan?

10 jd

What was Michael Jordan's salary in the NBA?

Playing for the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan earned about $3.25 million a year.

Did Toni Kukoc made more money than Jordan In 1998?

No, Jordan's salary was over 30 million $ for the 1998 season.

What year did Jordan make 30 million dollar salary?


What NBA player has made the most money in there career?

Salary alone, Shaq has made over $290 million. With endorsements and everything it has to be Jordan.

Who is the best player in the history of NBA?

The best player is argueable but it is eithher Larry Bird or Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan no doubt, even in salary income. Not mentioning the sponsors and commercials and popularity. NBA was a huge success in the arrival of Michael Jordan in the limelights, they sure had a revenue in Jordan Era.

What is Jordan staal salary?

jordan makes about 4 million a year since he is signed to a 4 year 16 million contract that is good until the end ot the 2012-13 season

What is Michael Jordan's salary?

200.25 for every point he scored

Highest NBA salary ever?

the highest nba contract is Kobe Bryant. 7 years @ $136,000,000. The highest salary for one season was Michael Jordan. In the 96-97 season the bulls paid him $33,450,000.

Who was the highest paid basketball player in 1997?

In the 1996-97 NBA season Michael Jordan had the highest paid salary annually with $30,140,000.