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Q: What is charlotts two boyfriends in ballad of charlotte dymond?
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Is the Charlotte Dymond ballad real?

Yes. The ballad of Charlotte Dymond is real and occured in the 1800.

In Charlotte Dymond's ballad what was the Parish Constable's name?

what is the story off Charlotte Dymond

Who were Charlotte Dymond's boyfriends?

Matthew and Thomas.

What is the name of Charlotte's employer in Charlotte Dymond's ballad?

lady barrington

Who was the hangman in Charlotte Dymond that hanged her boyfriend Matthew?

There is no hangman character in the ballad "Charlotte Dymond." The ballad tells the story of the murder of Charlotte Dymond by her boyfriend, Matthew Weeks, but it does not mention a hangman. Matthew was actually executed by hanging for his crime.

What are the names of Charlotte Dymond two boyfriends?

They are Matthew and John

Who was the hangman in the ballad Charlotte Dymond?

Matthew Week, Charlotte Dymond's loverhe slaughtered her then ran away basically. he was then hanged in front of 20000 people

When did Charles causley write the ballad of Charlotte Dymond?

"The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond was written in the mid-eighteenth century (1844) by Charles Causley."Actually this is completely wrong. The ballad was written by Charles Causley (1917-2003) and first published in a collection called Johnny Alleluia in 1961.The poem's main character did die in 1844.The main character was Charlotte Dymond.May she RIP!!

What is the ballad of Charlotte Dymond about?

It's about a servant named Charlotte Dymond, who went out with her boyfriend Matthew Weeks And how he murdered her because she loved someone else He was hung for his crime later It's a story about love, betrayal and blood I'm doing it as an English homework, very beautiful yet sad

Who were Charlotte Dymonds two boyfriends?

Charlotte Dymond's two surposed boyfriends were Matthew and Thomas. There is a dispute on which one of them murdered her. Matthew was killed for it but there never was any hard proof.

Where is Charlotte Dymond?

charlotte dymond is buried in a place underground.

Did Charlotte dymond have a job if she did what was they?

Charlotte dymond was a servant in a farm as a milker.