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Q: What is the meaning of simple men admire them?
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Who do the Sirens admire?

they admire men men Men

Do you admire simple people?

yes, I admire simple people

Do girls admire ugly men?

lol yes and ugly men admire ugly girls

What does admire?

admire is to idolize meaning to look up to.

Can you make a sentence with admire?

A simple sentence is,"I admire you." (I like you, I look up to you)

Why does the author of simplicity admire the writing of Henry David Thoreau and Franklin d Roosevelt?

both men used simple and straightforward style of language in their writing

What dos Admire mean?

admire is to idolize meaning to look up to. -hope i helped..$&$ --_____----_____--------_____--------__________----------_______----------__________--MikE.dZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

What main problem did Odysseus have with his men?

The problem with Odysseus's men is that they admire him, but they don't listen to him.

Do lesbians admire men?

Some lesbians may admire men for various reasons, such as their accomplishments, personality, or talents. However, sexual attraction is typically not a factor in this admiration. Admirations can vary from person to person and do not necessarily align with sexual orientation.

What is a definition of admiration?

the meaning of admire is the same as loving that person you admire it is going to begin a relationship but another difference of admire is how you admire an actor or singer that admire is just saying "you sing good" or "you act good"

Why you admire dad?

A lot of women find older men attractive.

What is the meaning of simple behavior?

what is the meaning of simple behavior