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Q: What is the origin of the phrase bad Larry?
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Where did the phrase bad Larry come from?

From hell.

What is the origin of the phrase Saint Elmo's Fire?

The origin of the phrase, Saint Elmo's Fire, is related to weather. It was coined by sailors who witnessed balls of light during thunderstorms and was thought to be bad luck.

Is NBC origin of phrase that's some bad hat harry?

It's from the movie "JAWS".

What is the origin of In the doghouse?

The phrase "in the doghouse" originated from the idea that a dog who misbehaves would be banished to a doghouse, which is typically located outside the main home. Therefore, if someone is "in the doghouse," it means they are in trouble or have fallen out of favor with someone.

What is the origin of the phrase Happy new Year?

Get rid of last years bad year and have a "Happy New Year" !

What is the origin of the phrase can't beat it with a stick?

overheard in the loos of a rock gig aimed at a bad one armed drummer.

What is the origin of the phrase eat you?

There is no such phrase as "eat you".

What is the origin of the surname 'Larry'?

Latin American.

What is the origin of the phrase ram page?

There is no such phrase. There is a word rampage. It is of Scottish origin, perhaps from RAMP, to rear up.

The origin of the phrase My Bad?

Comes from the NBA Basketball player Manute Bol. During his practices with the Golden State Warriors Manute Bol would say "My Bad" when he made an error.

What phrase of a Greek origin means the common people?

The phrase of Greek origin referring to the common people is "hoi polloi."

What does the name Larry mean?

Larry is a pet form of the name Lawrence, Latin in origin denoting a person from Laurentum.