What is the plural of batsman?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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its Batsmen

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Q: What is the plural of batsman?
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What batsman scored in cricket?

batsman score runs...

Who is the official who decides whether the batsman is out?

the umpire decides if the batsman is out or not

Is sachin left handed batsman?

no. he is a right handed batsman

Who was the best Aussie batsman?

mike hussey is the best Aussie batsman.

If the striking batsman hits the ball and runs arriving to the non striking batsman's crease but the non striking batsman never leaves his crease who is out if the striker wicket is hit by the ball?

it is the striking batsman who ran

Who is the best batsman for India?

Yourj Singh is the best batsman in Indian side.

Who is the worlds fastest batsman?

Shahid Khan Afridi is the fastest batsman in the world

Who is best batsman in India?

Yuvraj Singh is the best batsman in the Indian side

Who do you think is the batsman in cricket?

A batsman is the person who has to hit the ball bowled at him by the bowler.

Does a batsman gets bowled out on a fulltoss above waist height delivery?

I am the batsman.

Is the batsman out in the bowler bowles the ball full toss straight to batsman's shoulder and the batsman hits the wickets with his bat?

Yes. It's Hit Wicket.

If every batsman in an innings got out first ball what should be the no of batsman shown not out?