What was bud afraid Mr. Lewis was?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What was bud afraid Mr. Lewis was?
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Where did mr. Lewis take bud?

Mr. Lewis took Bud to the library to read and do research together.

When Describe the papers bud found inside mr Lewis box?

Bud found papers inside Mr. Lewis's box that revealed his true identity as Herman E. Calloway, the famous bandleader from Grand Rapids. The papers also included a picture of Mr. Lewis with Bud's mother, which confirmed Bud's suspicion that Mr. Lewis was his grandfather.

What did Bud think Mr Lewis was?

Bud thought Mr. Lewis was his father because he carried around a flyer with his name on it, which said "Herman E. Calloway, father, bandleader". Bud's quest to find Mr. Lewis was driven by his belief that he was his father.

Why did bud not want to get in the car in Bud Not Buddy?

he thought mr lewis was a vampire

Why didn't bud want mr Lewis to talk to Herman e Calloway?

Bud didn't want Mr. Lewis to talk to Herman E. Calloway because Bud thought that Mr. Lewis was actually the man who had hit him, not Herman E. Calloway. Bud was confused and scared, causing him to react defensively.

Why did Bud think that Mr. Lewis was a vampire?

Bud thought Mr. Lewis was a vampire because he had never seen him during the day, he always wore black clothing, and he seemed to disappear at night. Bud's fear and imagination led him to jump to the conclusion that Mr. Lewis must be a vampire.

Who is mr Lewis in Bud Not Buddy?

he is a man who likes boys hahaha

What do you think surprised Bud about Mr.Lewis in chapter 11?

Bud was surprised by Mr. Lewis's kindness and concern for him, as well as his willingness to help when Bud got into trouble after running away from the Amos family. Bud was also surprised that Mr. Lewis knew his mother and showed empathy towards his situation.

Why bud think that mr Lewis is a vampire?

Bud may think that Mr. Lewis is a vampire because of his pale complexion, his aversion to sunlight, his mysterious behavior, and possibly rumors or strange occurrences associated with him. Bud may be influenced by superstitions or stories about vampires that he has heard.

What was said on the telegram that Mr Lewis sent in Bud Not Buddy?

It said that he was dropping Bud off at Grand Rapids and that he is ok.

What food dose Mr. Lewis bribe Bud with to get in his car?

a sand wich and a sodu

Why does the police stop Mr Lewis in Bud Not Buddy?

His car looked unfarmiliar