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Quad or its derivatives refer to four of something or a forth part of something.

A group of four people is called a quartet, one of these would be a quarter of the quartet

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Q: Which quad word means and one of four people?
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What does the root word quad mean?

The root word "quad" means "four." It is often used in words related to the number four or quadrilateral shapes.

Which quad word means one of four children?


Which quad word means a geometric figure with four sides?


Is a quaddrilateral a four sided polygon?

Yes, it is, quad is actually a root word that means four

Where did the polygon name for quadrilateral come from?

it derives from latin. the word quad means four and the word lateral means sides

Does a quadrilateral always have four sides?

yes, quad in quadrilateral means 4Yes. The definition of the word "Quadrilateral" means "four sides".

Where does the word quad come from?

The word "quad" is short for "quadrilateral," which derives from the Latin words "quattuor" (meaning "four") and "latus" (meaning "side"). It is used to refer to any shape that has four sides.

Words that's start with quad?

im not 100% sure if this is what you are asking, but if you want to know the meaning of the prefix "quad," then i can help: Quad means "Four" ex: a QUADrilateral, is a shape with FOUR sides a QUADriplegic is someone who had paralysis of all FOUR limbs.

Where did the root word quad come from?

The root 'quad' comes from Latin meaning 4 or 4th. The word is found in quadrangle, quadrant, quadruped and quadruplet

What does quad mean in maths?

The word "quad" mean four (4).

How many legs does a quadurped have?

A quadruped is an organic life form or animal that walks on four legs. The word quad means four.

How many sides does a quadrangle have?

A quadrangle has four sides. The word quad means four. So if you're talking about shapes, and something mentions quad in it, you know it has four sides.It has 4 sides and is also known as a quadrilateral