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The bridesmaids. They're already inside before the ceremony even begins. The flower girl enters just before the bride does.

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Q: Who comes in first at the wedding Bridesmaids or flower girl?
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In the wedding ceremony when do the maid of honor wall down?

Traditionally, the bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids will go first. The maid of honor will follow the bridesmaids/junior bridesmaids; the maid of honor will be followed by the flower girl.

Who comes in first before the flower girl at a wedding?

If there is a ring bearer (little boy) they come first, but if not then the flower girl comes down the aisle first; then the bride's maid; maid of honor and then the bride with her father.

What is the correct wedding party line up when walking in the church from the bride junior bride matrent of honor maids of honor and flower girls?

If there is a Flower Girl or a Ring Barer then they would go do down the aisle first followed by the Bridesmaids; then the Maid of Honor would be next and finally the bride comes down the aisle on her father's arm.

Who stands first in wedding line reception line?

Reception Line: Bride and groom; then both sets of parents; Matron of Honor; Best Man; Bridesmaids; Flower Girl and Ring Bearer (if any) and the Ushers.

Which part comes out first in the Flower?

The petals come out first in a flower

Which comes first the cucumber flower or the little cucumber?

The flower.

What is the 1st wedding anniversary?

The first wedding anniversary is the paperanniversary, which is the traditional gift. The modern gift is clocks, the gemstone is gold and the flower is pansies.

Who walks down aisle first junior bridesmaid or bridesmaid?

This is definitely an opinion question, but I am the wedding coordinator for my church. Generally, one leads off with the junior bridesmaid, then the "regular" bridesmaids, maid or matron of honor, the the ring-bearer and flower-girl just before the bride. This is not set in stone. For example, if the junior bridesmaid is the big sister of younger attendants, then put her after the other bridesmaids (but before the maid/matron of honor) so she can help keep them calm and focused. If your bridesmaids are walking in with escorts, the junior bridesmaid can go before or after if she's paired up with someone. If she's not paired up, then I'd put her first.

Does ring bearer enter before aisle runner?

* The ring bearer and the flower girl are generally the first down the aisle, then the bridesmaids; maid of honor and then the bride on her father's arm.

Is it proper etiquette to have wedding shower for your second wedding when your first one was only a year ago?

Since the bride is never suppposed to be throwing the shower, it's up to the bridesmaids. It may be seen as a money-grubbing opportunity by the friends and relatives, especially if she didn't send everything back.

Where can I learn about starting a wedding photographer business?

There are several options when it comes to starting a wedding photographer business. You will first need to be trained in photography.

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