Who has a crush on Kiba?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Pretty much everyone does but kiba likes hinata and in the end I think she gives up on naruto and goes to kiba either that or sakura gives up on sasuke and goes to kiba.

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Q: Who has a crush on Kiba?
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Who is in love with Kiba?

I don't think anyone is in love with Kiba, but I do think he has a little crush on Hinata

Kiba loves who?

He doesn't love anyone, but some Nauo-fans think he has a little crush on Hinata. *** He doesn't have a crush on her, he cares about her as a teammate.

Who likes Zed from Kiba anime?

hey guyssssss i think zed has a huge crush on roya ,unfortunately he does not realize!

What is the name of kiba's mother?

Kiba's mom-Tsume Kiba's sister-Hana

What team is kiba on?

Kiba is on team 8 with Hinata, Shino, Kiba's dog Akamaru and Kurenai

Does Hinata get with Kiba?

Well, I haven't seen much of them together since I'm only on episode thirty-four, which is the second season. But I say that when Kiba found out that Hinata was in his three-man team, he smiled. But Hinata has a crush on Naruto, so she obviously does not like him. My brother told me Kiba likes Hinata. Since Naruto is on season nine, you should watch further and see what happens on their relationship together.

What is kiba's last name?

His full name is Kiba Inuzuka

When was Karate Kiba created?

Karate Kiba was created in 1973.

When did Edo no Kiba happen?

Edo no Kiba happened in 1993.

What is the word fang when translated from English to Japanese?


When was the date of Kiba that born?

Kiba was born in July 7th.

What does Kiba mean in English?

In English kiba means fang.