Who invented the athletic supporter?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Charles Benett invented the jockstrap in 1874 for use by cyclists. It was first manufactured under the tradename Bike, now a subsidiary of the Russell Athletic Company.

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was the first pare football pants invented

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Q: Who invented the athletic supporter?
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What is an athletic protector?

An athletic protector is an alternative name for a jockstrap or athletic supporter.

What is a formal term for a jock strap?

athletic supporter

Should boys wear an Athletic Supporter for Horseback Riding?

Yes, it would be a good idea. An athletic supporter keeps your genitals in place and prevents bouncing and twisting.

What is an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter, also known as a jockstrap, is a piece of athletic gear designed to provide support and protection to the male genitalia during physical activities such as sports. It typically consists of an elastic waistband and a pouch to hold a protective cup in place.

When wearing an athletic supporter is the narrow end facing up or down?


When should you wear an athletic supporter?

You should wear an athletic supporter during physical activities that involve running, jumping, or sudden movements to help provide support for the groin area and prevent potential injuries. It is especially recommended for sports that involve a high risk of impact or strain on the groin, such as football, hockey, or basketball.

What are the most recommended brands of athletic supporter?

Top brands of athletic supporter include Jockey, Duke, and Mueller. While each brand has different ratings for comfort, fit, price, and materials, what is important is that you find one which fits you best.

How do you say athletic supporter in Chinese language?

Jockstrap, men's undergarment designed for use in sports

Who were the supporter of Julius Caesar?

Mark Antony, well known as an athlete (he ran in the Lupercal race you know), which makes him an athletic supporter. Crassus was allied with Caesar in the civil war with Pompey.

Why wear an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter or jockstrap supports mens or boys genitals against their body, preventing injury to the testicles and providing comfort during strenuous athletics. Supporters are also used to hold an athletic cup for use during contact sports, which protect the genitals from contact with other players or thrown or hit balls or pucks (as in baseball, lacrosse, hockey, etc.).

Name A piece of sport equipment that you only use once?

Some answers are mouth guard, athletic supporter, and golf ball

Does an athletic supporter protect you?

Athletic supporters provide some protection. They pull your penis and testicles in tight against the body, which protects you from testicular torsion, and general soreness. However, a cup provides more protection from impact.