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Q: Who is a male model but poses as a woman?
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What is a person who poses for a painter called?


Where could one find some online examples of model poses?

There are many online examples of model poses for the aspiring model, yoga fanatic or art guru. You have access to images, explanations and the history of these poses. You can order DVDs and download informative guides all in the comfort of your home or workspace.

Who is the model who poses for the Paramount statue in the opening clips of their movies?

The model is actually from an early photograph of Actress Beverly Garland.

What is a term that refers to the person who poses for a portrait?

Its a subject :) Had this same question on a quiz :)

I am looking for Some good male modeling poses?

It is best to use fashion magazines for reference. There are many editorial fashion ads that use male models in various poses you can use for inspiration and practice. Check out magazines like Vogue, W, Elle, etc.

What is the name of the movie when a woman poses as a teenager?

Never Been Kissed w/ Drew Barrymore?

What is the male version of a cougar woman?

A "Dingo" is the male version of a cougar woman!

What is artistic model?

An artistic model, also known as an art model, is a male or female that poses for actual artists that work in a variety of mediums (painters, sculptors, etc). When an artist needs a human body to use for reference, they will often hire an art model to pose for them. Art schools regularly hire freelance art models to pose for their students, who them draw, sculpt or paint them.

Hot male model?

yes i am a hot male model. thanks for asking :)

What is the duration of Making of a Male Model?

The duration of Making of a Male Model is 1.67 hours.

Is ladygaga a woman or a male?

Lady Gaga is a woman.

Is a woman male or female?

Generally a woman is a female.