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Q: Who is an actor in Spectrum Charter cable tv commercial?
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Who is the woman in the red dress on Charter Spectrum commercials?

Ava Cantrell is the actress in the Charter Cable TV commercial. She has also appeared in numerous films including Ten Thousand Hours, and Storytelling.

Who is the actor in the Time Warner cable commercial with the grenade?

Ricky Gervais.

What areas of the country does Charter cable serve?

Charter Communications, operating under the brand Spectrum, provides cable television, internet, and phone services in 41 states across the United States. Some of the major areas where Charter cable is available include California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

What channel is ESPNU on on Charter Cable?

On Charter Cable ESPNU can be seen on channel 310.

What is charter cable?

Charter Cable is a cable company that was founded in 1993. They also do internet and phone services. The official name for the company is Charter Communications.

What is FX on charter cable?

Channel 57 is FX on Charter Cable. The USA Network is channel 62 and the Style Network is channel 60 on Charter Cable.

I want to know what is in a charter cable package and if there are any advantages to a charter cable package.?

There are many online shops that sell charter cable packages. is one of online shop that sell charter cable packages with any kind of models. You can visit

Where would one find a charter communications cable?

One would find a charter communications cable by going to the Charter website. The Charter website offers a variety of products including charter communications cables.

What channel is mavtv on charter communications cable?

It's not on charter.

What channel is tbs now on charter cable?

On Charter Cable, TBS can be found on channel 34 or channel 32.

Is charter a broadband Internet service?

Charter provides both cable television and cable internet. Their cable internet IS broadband internet.

How does charter cable compete with satellite networks?

Charter cable competes with satellite networks by offering better combined internet and television packages. Charter cable offers bundles that are tailored for specific needs of the customers.