Who is conciliator?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Who is conciliator?
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When was The Claw of the Conciliator created?

The Claw of the Conciliator was created in 1981.

How many pages does The Claw of the Conciliator have?

The Claw of the Conciliator has 303 pages.

When was State Conciliator of Norway created?

State Conciliator of Norway was created in 1915.

What is the role of a conciliator?

Arbitration Act, 1940Section 67Role of Conciliator(1) The conciliator shall assist the parties in an independent and impartial manner in their attempt to reach an amicable settlement of their dispute.(2) The conciliator shall be guided by principle of objectivity, fairness and justice, giving consideration to, among other things, the rights and obligations of the parties, the usages of the trade concerned and the circumstances surrounding the dispute, including any previous business practices between the parties.(3) The conciliator may conduct the conciliator proceedings in such a manner as he considers appropriate, taking into account the circumstances of the case, the wishes the parties may express, including any request by a party that the conciliator hear oral statements, and the need for a speedy settlement of the dispute.(4) The conciliator may, at any stage of the conciliator proceedings, make proposals for a settlement of the dispute. Such proposals need not be in writing and need not be accompanied by a statement of the reasons therefor.

What is another word for peace makers?


What does concilitor mean?

Concilitor is the incorrect spelling for conciliator.

What has the author Conciliator written?

Conciliator has written: 'Why are we still at war?, or, The American question considered' -- subject(s): Politics and government, History, Politique et gouvernement, Histoire

What is conciliation machinery?

Conciliation machinery includes a process by which an independent conciliator is appointed to resolve a dispute. The conciliator must have no prior ties with either side involved in the settlement.

What is a 11 letter word for mediator?

The word is conciliator. It means a peacemaker.

What are synonyms of the word mediator?

Advocate, intermediary, conciliator, referee, moderator, arbiter...

What is conciliator?

According to webster's dictionary for students conciliate means to bring into agreement: reconcile, or to gain the goodwill or favor of.

Where can I learn to be a good conciliator?

You can learn to be a good conciliator by taking courses in conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, and communication skills. Many universities and organizations offer training programs and workshops specifically designed for individuals who want to develop their conciliation skills. Additionally, gaining practical experience by volunteering or interning with organizations that facilitate conciliation processes can be very beneficial.