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Q: Who is the African America guy that plays on the CapitalOne commercial?
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Who is the African-American actor that plays the umpire in the new Fruit of the Loom commercial?

Will ferrel

What is the name of the African-American in the Gap commercial who sings and plays the piano?

The newest Gap commercials have Common singing. Not sure if he plays a piano....I only saw it once.

What song plays when America's Got Talent commercial comes on?

The song in the NBC promos is Firework by Katy Perry.

Who plays the guitar music on the flowers commercial for Bank of America?

Fleetwood Mac. It is the song "Never Going Back Again"

Who plays Jim in xarelto commercial?

Bruce Hulse plays Jim in the Xarelto commercial.

What song plays in the john wall Reebok commercial?

What song plays in John Wall's Reebok commercial

Who plays the therapist in the mac commercial?

Corrine Bohrer plays the therapist in the Mac commercial. This was a computer commercial which ran from 2006 until 2009 for Apple.

What group plays the captain Morgan commercial?

The group that plays the Captain Morgan commercial is called "The Crystal Method."

What song plays in halo reach commercial?

The song that plays on the commercial where the spartan is shot down with the bomb? If so that song is "Deliver Hope". :)

Who is the woman that plays in the commercial for I believe is Icomfort bed's?

Hello, I would like to know who is the woman in the icomfort bed commercial? Her husband I'am assumeing that plays in a band from the commercial? Also who is the woman in RedRobin resteraunts commercial? Thank you.

Who plays the actor that plays the professor in th farmers commercial?

JK Simmons

What song plays in the Cigna commercial?